Meet the hosts behind the "Podcast about Nothing and Everything in Between".

 Originally started in the summer of 2017 in Riverview, FL, husband and wife Chris Babcock & Yajaira (Jah-Hi-Da) Suarez-Babcock started the podcast with other family and friends. “Our house became the de facto gathering spot, and what started as Sunday night dinner with friends, we all thought we were hilarious with our conversations, and that just morphed into the podcast.”

After roughly 60 episodes, Chris & Yajaira made the decision to relocate to Northeast Pennsylvania, and also made the decision to carry on with the podcast in some form or another.

After kicking off Season 3 in February of 2019 with a series of episodes featuring Chris and old friends, or simply Chris and Yajaira. Chris’s longtime friend Dieter Winterle, officially joined the podcast as our 3rd mic in May. 

Yajaira-Chris-Dieter Studio Photo



Hey everybody it's Yajaira - New mom, new wife. Loves traveling, making music, dancing, challenging myself physically, and rescuing stray dogs, That’s all I got... well looking for a job that allows me to do all those things and get paid!

Hey I’m Dieter (yes that’s my real name). I’m a full-time musician and part-time A-hole...or is the other way around? Have a listen and decide for yourself!



It's Chris here! I'm the Executive Producer of the Podcast, and host along with my wife Yajaira and this guy over here on the right. Keeping it real in #theElectricCity. Hope you enjoy the Podcast!